Lake Varese

Lake Varese is a lake in the Province of Varese in Lombardy.

The lake, which is glacial origin, is a popular choice for boating, both recreationally and competitively. Examples of competitive events held on this lake:

  • The 2012 European Championships of Canoeing
  • The 2013 World Rowing Master Regatta
  • The 2014 World Rowing Under 23 Championships
  • The 2015 Canoeing World Championships

Lake Varese


English name: Lake Varese

Italian name: Lago di Varese

The area

Lake Varese is located within the province of the same name. The Province of Varese is the most northwesterly of the twelve provinces that make up the region Lombardy in northern Italy, and its northern border is also Italy’s border with Switzerland. The provincial capital, which is also named Varese, is located right beside the lake, at the foot of Sacro Monte di Varese.

Short facts about Lake Varese

Location Province of Varese, Lombardy, Italy
Coordinates 45°49′N 8°44′E
Surface area 14.5 square kilometres
Max depth 23 metres
Average depth 11 metres
Surface elevation 238 metres