Lake Idro

Lake Idro is a prealpine lake shared by the Province of Brescia and the Autonomous Province of Trento (Trentino) in northern Italy. Most of the lake is located within Brescia in the Lombardy region. At 368 metres above sea level, Lake Idro is the highest of all the prealpine lakes in Lombard. It’s nestled among forested mountains.

The primary inflow to Lake Idro is the River Chiese, which is also the only outflow.

The lake is plagued by several environmental problems, including a lack of adequate sewage systems in the surrounding comunes. Also, the lake loses a lot of water to irrigation systems used by farmers.

Lake of Pusiano


English name: Lake Idro

Italian name: Lago d’Idro

Alternative Italian name: Eridio

Latin name: Eridius lecus

Lombard name: Lac d’Ider

German name: Idrosee


There are four comunes (municipalities) on the shore of the lake:

  • Idro (which has given name to the lake)
  • Anfo
  • Bangolino
  • Bondone

Examples of settlements around the lake:

  • Anfo
  • Bagolino
  • Bondone
  • Baitoni
  • Belprato
  • Crone
  • Idro

Ponte Caffaro

Short facts about Lake Idro

Location Province of Brescia, ItalyAutonomous Province of Trento (Trentino), Italy
Coordinates 45°46′48″N 10°30′36″E
Primary inflows ChieseCaffaro

Red di Anfo

Primary outflow Chiese
Length 11 kilometres
Width 1.9 kilometres
Surface area 11.4 square kilometres
Shore length 24 kilometres
Max depth 122 metres
Surface elevation 368 metres